2,300 Words

admin / February 17, 2013

That’s all. Just 2,300 more words across two scenes and this latest draft will be ready for the editors. I can’t believe that after almost two years we’re finally to the official edits phase. It’s like I’m walking through a dream and I’m a little very afraid I’m going to wake up tomorrow and we’ll be back on the unholy…

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Finishing Rewrites. Again.

admin / January 25, 2013

Well, I’ve finally finished rewrites on THE BUSINESS OF DEATH / BLACK GOLD. Again. As previously mentioned, this has been a long process of thinking I’m finished and then realizing that absolutely everything needs to change. I can say with confidence, though, that if any changes occur from here on out they should be minor in comparison to what I…

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Writing in a Corner

admin / January 9, 2013

Most days I write in a corner. We have a rather deep sectional, and I’ve stolen almost all the pillows to make a nest for myself where the two sides meet. It’s comfortable, if awkward, and I’ve written many a good line of prose from it over this last year. However, I’ve recently written myself INTO a corner, which is…

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How I Snowflake

admin / November 2, 2012

I’ve logged off of Facebook so that I can’t just click the button and lose an hour. I now have to think about “What’s my password, again?” and actively seek time-wasting. I did the same thing for Twitter and Pintrest and GoodReads and even my email, though tactic isn’t working nearly so well for Twitter. I didn’t log myself out…

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The Fine Art of Reviewing

admin / October 25, 2012

ETA: Amazon is now apparently deleting all author-penned reviews, so some of my points are now moot. [link] However, it’s still a good soapbox in general, so feel free to keep reading. Lately I’ve seen a disgusting amount of author bashing in reviews. I don’t generally go on diatribes and I don’t usually respond to such people, but yesterday was…

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