I’m Leigh, and I’ve been writing stories since before I could spell, drawing pamphlets of illustrations and then reading them aloud to anyone who would pay attention.

I have both a journalism and a history degree from the University of Montevallo. In addition to my education, I’ve been the editor-in-chief of a city newspaper, a manager at a 14-screen movie theater, the baker at an award-winning Italian restaurant, and a nanny. I’ve also been published in newspapers, magazines, and poetry anthologies — though the latter is more vanity than anything else.​

I live with my husband and two cats in the American southeast, where I spend my working days buried in books and my writing nights buried in words.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) You didn’t really tell me anything about yourself. I like Jack Daniels, cold sushi, and short walks on the beach. My favorite color is glitter and my favorite music is punk rock. I like gamboling kittens and studying the Vietnam War, and I firmly believe the four words every girl wants to hear are, “I’m the Doctor. Run.”

2) What is your favorite thing to read? Nonfiction. In college, I studied the free American press in Vietnam and how it not only affected the war itself but reshaped the entire media industry and completely redefined freedom of the press. My highest aspiration is to write the definitive work on the matter.

3) What genres do you prefer to write? Speculative fiction. I like to take myths and folktales and religious concepts and turn them into something new and shiny.

4) What are three things you hate dislike? At the risk of turning off every potential reader ever, I dislike in order: William Faulkner, It’s A Wonderful Life, and Finding Nemo. Dishonorable mentions include: Wuthering Heights, working in retail, and white chocolate.

5) What’s your favorite holiday? Halloween. Everything else requires either too much preparation or too much forced family time.

6) What do you think you’ll be remembered most for? That I’m that chick that didn’t get on with Chapter Eight.

I write like
Margaret Mitchell

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