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It’s been far too long since I updated the blog (a year, oops!) so I thought I’d throw out an update on where the books stand.

FIRESTARTER is nearing the finish line slowly but surely. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would take this long to write. I wrote almost the entirety of CHANGELING in a month. Granted it then took the better part of a year to make the words work right, but that’s still pretty fast. I had what I thought was a solid plan, fully snowflaked, for FIRESTARTER and even the beginnings of book three REGNANT and a prequel INTENDED…

But somehow along the way it hasn’t worked out. I didn’t have enough detail on several points of my story summary and when I went to write the book those weak points imploded. I’ve spent an unholy amount of months with duct tape and tent poles trying to shore the thing up. It’s finally coming around, though. I’ve gotten through about 60% of the manuscript. Unfortunately, it’s been a year and a half. I was determined that the book would come out on the anniversary of CHANGELING, but with every chapter that languishes as I write and rewrite the same 60% I begin to fear it won’t happen this year. Maybe spring? At this point, who knows. It’s painful to say, but it’s true. I have to finish it soon, though. I just have too many other ideas that I have to get started on soon.

These ideas are slowly drowning me. I have so many. They come to me almost fully formed with fleshed out characters, places, conflicts, resolutions. They just pop into my brain. And they’re all part of the same world! I don’t know how my head keeps up with it all, but I can list off over a hundred characters across 20ish stories and tell you how they all relate and where they fit on the timeline. They clamor in my skull for their turn in the spotlight and frankly I’m afraid. I’m thirty, and maybe that’s not so old, but I’m filled with this existential fear that since it takes multiple years for me to write each book I’ll never finish all these stories. I’m old enough now that my mortality has become a real and recurring thought, and the thing I’m most afraid of is that I’ll never finish all the books I want write.

Isn’t that a silly thing to be afraid of?

But I am.

In the meantime, between not-quite-mid-life crises, I’m hoping to finish FIRESTARTER in the next few months so that I can move on to something else. I’m not certain I’m going to write REGNANT next. I love Tinsley and Sean, but I need a break from the Faewyld. According to my mother-and sister-in-law I need to write THE COMPANY OF ANGELS, which is the follow-up to THE BUSINESS OF DEATH. In truth, I’ve started it. I have several thousand words in. But it’s a bigger undertaking than I think any of my readers realize. THE BUSINESS OF DEATH took me four years to write and that was solely focused on it, not also trying to write another book. It’s not an easy series to write. It’s not just a series about the afterlife. That’s a mere plot point. I have to walk a wire between several religions and try very hard not to offend anyone. I have to balance several philosophical concepts without bogging down the narrative. I also have to do a lot of research because when half your characters are immortals history gets referenced a LOT. And to be super truthful, my heart’s not really in it right now. It took a lot out of me to write the first one and I’m a quart low on the youthful enthusiasm of my mid-twenties that pushed me through.

The most likely candidate for my next book is a standalone that I’m tentatively calling SEAMSTRESS. It’s an idea that’s been bouncing around in my head almost as long as the Faewyld series. SEAMSTRESS is a retelling of Cinderella in 1920s New York City that also deals with the fallout from the Crash of ’29.

The other candidate is a fractured fairytale I started on in high school. I haven’t thought about it in a decade, but in the last few months it’s started knocking around and reminding me it’s still alive. It has a pretty big flaw in that the original plot dealt a lot with the so-called “friendzone” which is a concept I’m now violently opposed to, so that wout take some major reworking.

But for all of this, I really need to finish FIRFESTARTER. I now do weekly writing sessions with fellow author A. Suzanne Flynn and (now that I’m in a less demanding job) I make time to write on my own almost every day. This is a big improvement over the last year, so I hope it’ll speed up the process. If I can at least finish the book this year, it can probably get a Spring 2018 release. So keep your fingers crossed!

Anyway, that was 850 words to say I’m still alive and I’m desperately working. But it’s going to be a while longer. Words of encouragement, favorite songs to write to, and small bottles of tequila are welcome. šŸ™‚

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