Inspiration Everywhere

One of the best things about writing a book as entrenched in nature as CHANGELING is, is that inspiration can be found literally everywhere. For example, I was looking for attractions to visit in my new city on the Atlas Obscura webpage and stumbled across this article on holloways. How cool is that? These are definitely making their way into either FIRESTARTER or REGNANT.

Sunken lane in La Meauffe, France, site of a 1944 World War II battle (photograph by Romain Bréget/Wikimedia)

Wrinkleberry Lane, North Devon, England (photograph by Andrew/Flickr)

Another cool inspiration came when I was just browsing some articles on deMilked and came across this 2014 article about Grace Ciao, a designer who uses flower petals in her art.

graceciao(photograph by Grace Ciao/graceciao.com)

That article introduced me to a new artist, Elżbieta Wodała, who also works in flowers and such.

elzbietawodala(photograph by Elżbieta Wodała/elzbietawodala_florotypie.republika.pl

Looks like I’m not the only one inspired to create by the world around me! Where do you get your inspiration from?

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