Updates on Changeling, et al

CHANGELING is my young adult foray (and my sophomore novel), which should be out some time this year. But unless you’re new to this site, that isn’t new information. What might be new is this: I love it! I really, really do. I’ve written so many stories and partial novels that they all kind of swim in my head like shame soup. Most of them will never see the light of day. They were good practice, but they weren’t good. Even my first book, while I was happy enough with it to let it go to print, had its problems. I finally had to get to a point where I said, “I can’t keep fixing this forever. It’s already been through several total plot overhauls. It’s this story or nothing.” CHANGELING, though, is just so…. Excellent. The biggest thing I’m having to fix is make sure the character descriptions are consistent (two characters changed race halfway through). I can walk away from it for months, come back and open it to a random chapter, and it still pulls me in. I don’t find entire scenes that need to be excised or rewritten. It feels so great, and I’m so happy that I can share this story with you in a matter of six months or less. We’re thinking a pre-Christmas release.

THE COMPANY OF ANGELS has stagnated. Every time I think I’ve finally got this beast down, every time I start to make headway, every time I start to hope, something goes horribly wrong. I don’t know why I expected anything less. It took me four years to write THE BUSINESS OF DEATH. I’m not sure why I thought that I could crank out the sequel in less than a year. Now we’re two months from when it was supposed to launch and I haven’t even finished the first draft. If you want to know the story, I can tell you the whole thing in under five minutes. But writing 300+ pages of it isn’t happening any time soon. *sigh* This is actually a huge disappointment for me. I feel like I’ve failed as a writer, despite all the good things I just gushed about with CHANGELING. What kind of a writer has a detailed outline, mind map, character sheets, even pictures and a soundtrack, and yet can’t write the words? This kind, apparently.

Speaking of sequels and back to CHANGELING, I have started on the sequel to it. Despite a less detailed outline (more just a jumbled scribble of notes on random pieces of paper), it’s coming out much easier. I’m not going to put a deadline on this one, even though ideally it will come out next Christmas. We’ll see what happens. I’ve got a lot going on in my personal life right now and it’s severely cutting into my writing time. Worse, I don’t know when these problems will resolve. We’ll see.

If you want to keep following along with CHANGELING, read the first several chapters of my unfinished sci-fi young adult AWAKE MY SOUL, or check out the first several chapters of THE BUSINESS OF DEATH before you buy, hop over to my Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/supergirlwrites