Happy New Year!

New year, new site. Well, really, I’ve had to reboot this website three times since yesterday. Fun times with corrupted files! Good thing I’m on vacation. I was supposed to go on my yearly island retreat (I would tell you to be jealous if the windchill on a January beach wasn’t -1000 degrees), but instead I stayed in sunny rainy Alabama to attend a funeral. Now I’m wasting my days rearranging furniture, fixing websites, and — of course — working on my novels. It’s still better than being at work, I suppose.

We did ring in the New Year in style, with plenty of booze and board games and bad movies. The three Bs with some good friends always makes for a good time. Then, this morning we had the ultimate hangover cure: Farmyard Burgers. Beef burgers, topped with bacon fried in the beef fat, topped with eggs fried in the combination beef/pork fat. A little cheese, a little Sriracha, a little Gatorade to wash down the Tylenol, and we were mostly good to go. After the requisite post-brunch nap, of course.

So here’s to a new year. Hopefully it’s filled with new books, less bills, and happier tidings. Prost!