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Luck Will Only Take You So Far

Jacquelyn “Jack” Devlin has spent her whole life swept forward on a current of good luck. Her twin sister Mallory hasn’t been so blessed. Consumed by the idea that her bad luck is Jack’s fault, Mallory gives in to the darkness and shuffles her mortal coil for good.

Death Is Only The Beginning

Once deceased, Mallory finds the Beyond full of possibilities. Determined to make Jack pay for 25 years of hospital stays, bad decisions, and broken dreams, she seeks help from the scheming head of the Department of Death and Demise. Together they unleash a chain of events that prove the business of death is far more complicated than Mallory’d ever dared assume.

Some Things Are Worth Dying For

Only one immortal can see what Jack truly is: Black Gold, marked for death but too lucky to die. Now, the two of them must work together to right the imbalance of the Beyond before it’s too late. When her luck turns on her, though, Jack finds that saving the afterlife comes with a price no one should have to pay.