Book Release Update


Long time no see. I’m still grappling with fairly crippling personal problems, which is why I’ve once again been gone for so long. I haven’t been able to write, or edit, or even scheme and daydream like I used to, which is one of the saddest things I’ve ever said. Things once more seem to be on the mend, however. They have to be — absolutely 100% MUST be — or else my beautiful novel will never see the light of day. And then you, dear patrons who have stuck with me through all the hullabaloo, will never get to read it.

Obviously the release date has been pushed back. There is no way that Midnight Starling could release it this spring in its current form. We applied some ingenious new mapping techniques to the manuscript and there were some…. errors would be the nice way to put it, that came glaringly to light. These have to be fixed first and foremost, so the release has been postponed until autumn.

Until then, I will continue to try and improve my situation and work hard to bring you the story you’ve been waiting for.