An Apology and an Explanation

A while back I blogged about anxiety. It can be especially crippling while dealing with major life events. I’ve almost entirely disappeared from the internet for the past few months, and for those of you that have been worried about me I’m really sorry.

Last month my husband and I bought our first house. It’s not gone smoothly and we still haven’t been able to move in. Every time I think things are coming together they fly apart. To top it off, I’ve been handling the whole thing on my own. He works two jobs, one of which is 8 – 5, so he can’t do anything during normal business hours.

To say I haven’t been (mentally) handling things well is an understatement.

I’ve almost completely withdrawn. I don’t post on AQC, I don’t update Twitter, I don’t blog here. I don’t check my email. That last one is a doosie. At first it’s about wanting to avoid the “Are you alright” messages. But the thing about anxiety is that it can quickly turn from avoidance to fear. It’s silly, but a terror grows inside of me telling me about all the hateful emails I’ll find because I’ve been so neglectful.

It takes time to overcome these fears. As of this writing, I still haven’t checked my email or logged in to AQC or Twitter. The goal is to have checked and cleaned out and replied to everything in my inbox by Sunday evening. It may take me a little longer with the other two.

I appreciate your patience as I go through this difficult time. THE BUSINESS OF DEATH is still slated for a Spring 2014 release, though I’ll have to work in double time to get there. In addition to all of the above, I haven’t written or edited a lick. Hopefully that’ll resume next week. We should be moved in by then. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thanks for understanding.