Withdraw! Retreat!

I was rolling along, checking my various websites as I do every night before going to bed, when I accidentally typed S+Enter into the address bar. For that to make sense, you have to know that I don’t remember web addresses, my browser does it for me. Usually I just type in the first letter or two and hit Enter. The proper website pulls up without fail because I’m a sad excuse of a Millennial (though I prefer to think of myself as the tail end of the MTV Generation, thank you very much) and only have like five sites I ever go to.

When I hit S+Enter, my Submittable submissions manager popped up. To say I’d forgotten about the short stories I’d sent off would be disingenuous, but I’d been putting them out of mind. I’m a chronic worrier, so the less to worry about the better. Especially since I knew it would be months before I heard anything back.

Imagine my surprise when the page opened and one of them no longer said “Received,” but instead boasted “In Progress!”

I think I had a momentary panic attack. I know I must have made some sort of distress noise because my husband looked up from his Very Engrossing Book to ask what was wrong. I mumbled out the problem as my cursor hovered over the conveniently placed “Withdraw” button.

“NOOOO….” he said sternly. “You may not hit the button. You have to let your stories be free to make their own mistakes. If you don’t release them into the wild, they’ll never grow up and become viable, published members of society.”

The man speaks a lot of truth. I guess that’s why I married him, though if I wanted complaints about my snoring I’d have married a tape deck. >.>

Anyway, we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll hear back much sooner than I thought. *crosses fingers*