Finishing Rewrites. Again.

Well, I’ve finally finished rewrites on THE BUSINESS OF DEATH / BLACK GOLD. Again. As previously mentioned, this has been a long process of thinking I’m finished and then realizing that absolutely everything needs to change. I can say with confidence, though, that if any changes occur from here on out they should be minor in comparison to what I just finished. The setting has changed, some of the characters have changed, a few motivations have been altered, new scenes have been added.

The only problem I have now is that in my edits I somehow lost about 6,000 words. Which puts me dangerously below what a lot of agents and publishers deem acceptable for an adult fiction novel. The question now is, do I go back and add in another subplot and risk the tightness I worked so hard for? My lovely crit partner suggested I expand on existing characters, like the scenes with my antagonist, but I worry that’s just padding. Shouldn’t I shoot for telling the story in my head the best way possible instead of convoluting it to go for the sell? Of course, if I don’t sell it then how I told the story won’t matter much, I suppose. Hmmm.

I’ll take Writerly Dilemas for $500, Alex.