Writing in a Corner

Most days I write in a corner. We have a rather deep sectional, and I’ve stolen almost all the pillows to make a nest for myself where the two sides meet. It’s comfortable, if awkward, and I’ve written many a good line of prose from it over this last year. However, I’ve recently written myself INTO a corner, which is very different indeed.

I thought I had finished my first novel. I even began querying it. Then I had a major crisis of faith (in the manuscript — my spiritual crisis was a decade ago). Within days I had completely ripped apart the entire thing and began rewriting each scene from scratch to account for a total locale change. Thank you, Scrivener, for making it less messy than it should have been. Once that was done, I still wasn’t satisfied, so I ripped it apart again. I rearranged scenes, deleted characters, expanded a few roles, brainstormed new conflicts. And then I wrote myself into a corner.

Two of my characters need to have some… Alone time. But I’ve never written anything like that before. From the ages of about 15 – 20 I read romance novels, but I’ve never attempted to write said romance. It’s a completely new dynamic for me. So, now, I’m sitting in my corner and staring at a half-written scene. What to do?

Perhaps I should go pick up another romance novel to reacquaint myself with how it’s done. Then I have a whole new fear of accidentally ripping off another author, though. :/

What do you do when you’ve written yourself into a corner?